Roxanne Fay​

"Roxanne Fay, profoundly compelling."

Steve Barnes, Albany Times Union


Bridge Street Theatre, Catskill, NY

(May, 2018)

Director: John Sowle


“…spectacular performance close to perfect as I think I've seen in a long, long time."
Cathy Salustri, Creative Loafing Tampa

 "Most especially in the forefront of the piece is Roxanne Fay...This is a dynamic realization of Riefenstahl..."

J. Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

THE TEMPEST (Prospero)

Jobsite Theater, Tampa, FL (February, 2018)

Director: David Jenkins

"... she continues to amaze me; what a powerfully talented actress."

Amy Durant, The Alt NY

​“…a brilliant performance…"
" of the finest acting performances seen in my many years of theatre-going.”
William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway

"​Actress and playwright Roxanne Fay as Miriam is exquisite. She embodies a tortured mother who anguishes with her son's crime as well as her own guilt, with realism and a fervent focus on this tormented character...

 I don't' know how an actor pulls from the depth of their own soul to deliver impeccable performances with the breadth and depth Miss Fay exudes.​​"

Carolan Trbovich, ​Broadway World

HIR by Taylor Mac (Paige)
Jobsite Theater, Tampa, FL (April, 2018)
Director: David Jenkins


Urbanite Theatre, Sarasota, FL (Jan.-Feb. 2019)

Director: Kirstin Franklin

“The evening belongs to Roxanne Fay as Prospero. Her performance crackles with the kind of power her character wields.” 
Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times


  “…a wonderfully truthful, down-to-earth performance by Roxanne Fay “ 

Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune